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About CPN+

The Cambodian People Living with HIV/AIDS Network (CPN+) is a national network established in July 2001 in response to Cambodia's rapidly growing HIV epidemic. CPN+ works to strengthen the policy synergy between the HIV response at national, district, and community levels through meaningful involvement of people living with and affected by HIV and AIDS (PLHIV) in the development of policies, plans and programs for PLHIV and those at most risk of HIV. CPN+ facilitates national and sub-national coordination of the network members, and coordinates activities by its members to mitigate the impact of the HIV epidemic and improve the quality of life for PLHIV in Cambodia.

  • The network consists of 939 support groups of PLHIV across the country . In addition, CPN+ has established fourteen Provincial Networks of PLHIV, including 29 Friends Help Friends Centers (Mondul Mith Chouy Mith) (as of 2010).
  • CPN+'s vision is of a society where people living with and affected by HIV and AIDS continue to live a positive life.
  • CPN+'s mission is to strengthen the capacity and involvement of PLHIV and empower them with collective voice to prevent new infections, eliminate stigma and discrimination, protect their rights, and sustain their well-being.


Our Vision

CPN+'s vision is that Cambodians who are living with and are affected by HIV and AIDS continue to live positive and healthy lives.

Our Mission

Strengthening the capacity and involvement of PLHIV and empower them with collective voice to create an enabling environment to reduce stigma and discrimination towards them, to protect their rights and to sustain their well-being.

CPN+ Key Areas (Supporting Community-Based Prevention and Care, Tracking HIV Epidemics, Support Prevention Research, Raising Awareness, and Supporting Policy Reforms)

Core values
  • Respect for the rights of People Living with HIV and their families
  • Neutrality and non-involvement in partisan politics
  • Respect for national laws and guidelines
  • Transparency in all aspects of work
  • No stigma or discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation or health status
  • Respect for roles and responsibilities within the network
  • Respect for the beliefs and opinions of others.

Strategic Goals
  1. To increase access to high-quality, cost-effective and comprehensive health and psychosocial support services for PLHIV, MARP and their families.
  2. To strengthen HIV-sensitive economic support and social protection for PLHIV, MARP and their families.
  3. To represent PLHIV and MARP and advocate for the rights of people and households affected by HIV in Cambodia to be realized.
  4. To strengthen the CPN+ network and build a strong and skilled organization moving forward.
  5. To build the long-term sustainability of the network.