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UN Women Continues Its Supports to Roka People Living with HIV

CPN+ team from Phnom Penh visited Roka commune, Battambang, on 25 and 26 January 2017, orienting the UNW-funded project to the Communal Women Group of Roka, commune council members, school teachers and local NGO concerned. During this visit, CPN+ had a meeting with the Women Group in the village and another meeting with commune council members at the Roka Commune Office.

UN Women signed an agreement with CPN+ with the budget of 25,000 UD dollars to support people living with HIV in Roka commune of Battambang province. The budget will strengthen the women-led group members that were freely-elected in 2015 by almost 200 voters and will support livelihoods, community meetings and youth human club meetings to prevent gender-based violence. The budget will be used to healthcare referrals and to build knowledge on animal raising, civic education and human rights the HIV-affected and infected women and youth in Roka.

In 2015 UN Women financially support more than 25,000 US dollars to people living with HIV in Roka, aiming to empowering key affected women and girls living with HIV to advocate for the realization of rights and reduced their vulnerability in Roka commune. The project tackled issues/concerns related to gender-based violence, women's rights as human rights and issues related to access to healthcare and education. In 2015, UNW through CPN+ provided 52 bicycles to fifty-two infected children and adults were.


By: Sovannara Mey