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Training Workshop on Treatment Optimization

According to the Training Workshop on Treatment Optimization, held in Phnom Penh on 29 and 30 August 2017 and based on comprehensive information obtained from thorough discussions and based on new discoveries of "Dolutegravir," representatives of people living with HIV at the national level and provincial level from 25 provinces and musicality of Cambodia issue a statement encouraging the efforts of the National Center for HIV/AIDS, Dermatology and STD (NCHADS), the National AIDS Authority (NAA) and the Cambodian government as well as relevant national and international organizations to make pharmaceutical Dolutegravir available, accessible and affordable for the Kingdom of Cambodia.

The cover letters attached to the statement with signatures of all representatives were sent to NAA and NCHADS on 29 September 2017 and carbon copies to HACC and CHAI and in the hope that NAA and NCHADS would take CPN+ statement for their highest consideration and that people living with HIV would meet the highest standards and efficiency of HIV and IO treatment.

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