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Community Based Prevention, Care, and Support

The project will be implemented at provincial/community level by set structure of group PLHIVs with technical support from CPN+ through the channel of pre-ART/ART sites to community grassroots level. Respective PPN+ and MMM groups stand in the position as Case Management Provider to manage the project to reach to community that implement by the group of CSVs. CSVs play the fundamental role in communities to facilitate in setting SHG, VSL and later on integration of HIV to health system strengthening including TB, Malaria and MCH.

  • Provide tailored package of support to PLHIV who are in greatest need (30% of total PLHIV covered by home based care): referral support to Pre-ART/ART clinic including transportation and counseling at Pre-ART/ART clinic.
  • Set up Case Management Providers as MMM team at Pre-ART/ART clinics to coordinate with CSVs and ARV providers
  • Set up Case Management Providers (CSV Coordinator) at Health Center to link the community with health centers and  to Referral Hospitals including Pre-ART/ART clinics
  • Form Village Saving and Loan groups to PLHIV and other village members to mobilize community, promote saving behaviour and share  health information to their members.
  • Form organic community support groups as self-sustaining support groups for stable PLHIV in particular PLHIV on ART more than 2 years.
  • Long term integration into primary healthcare- Initiate discussions with the Ministry of Health on the potential and process of integrating CBPCS into local primary healthcare structures.